Contact Information
If you would like to get involved or would like information regarding sponsorship of showings and speaking engagements please contact us via the following:

Heart of America Quilt
7 First Street
Winslow Maine 04901
Phone: 207-873-3573

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Susan Morissette -

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How can I take part in the Heart of America Quilt?
To add a panel to the Heart of America Quilt, please visit the instruction page.

Can you make us a panel with our logo on it then send it to us so we can sign?
We sure can! Please email for pricing of panel packets.

Can I have one of the Directors of the Heart of America Quilt speak at my event?
Yes! For speaking engagements please call or email.

Can you show the Heart of America Quilt in my State?
We would love to! A Showing of the Heart of America Quilt takes community involvement, hard work and donations. Please contact us and we can work together to keep costs down and show this amazing sight of unity with you.

Thank you and may God Bless All