Navy Counselors Association 17th Annual Symposium
July 18-22, 2005
Special thanks to the Navy Counselors Association for their gracious hosting.
View this Navy/Marine Corps News Video about the Quilt.

Over 800 Sailors attended the Navy Counselors Association Symposium in San Diego. I had the opportunity to stand before them and thank them for my freedom. For me it was almost overwhelming, all those Sailors in uniform listening to what I had to say. I had an opportunity to talk with each of them individully as thay came over to sign the NCA sponsored panel. It is an experience I will always cherish and never forget. We also added a new Sponsorship and Fundraising Advisor. He is NCCS(Sw/AW) Kevin Sullivan. Thanks Kevin for joung the HoAQ team.
Far left: NC1 Michael Malone, National Secretary for the NCA, adds his name to the panel.

Immediate left: VADM Gerald Hoewing, Chief of Naval Personnel, finds a spot to add his name to the panel as NCCM Mike Doyle, my web and information advisor, and I look on.
I brought several panels and pictures along with me. Here, two Sailors are admiring the panel from West Point class of 1977.

This trip was truly amazing! I can't tell you how proud I was and safe I felt being surrounded by some of America's FINEST. As I thanked them for their service, each and every one of them felt the need to thank me for what I do with the Heart of America Quilt. It was a humbling experience.
Far left (left to right): My newest advisor (Sponsorship and Fundraising), NCCS Kevin Sullivan stands with me and NCCM Mike Doyle (Web and Information Advisor), as we hold up the newest addition to the Heart of America Quilt.

Immediate left (left to right): NCCM Doyle and I stand with VADM Hoewing and the NCA panel.
Many of the Sailors and other attendees gathered together to take these pictures with the completed panel.
This was truly an experience of a lifetime for me. I made many new friends, added a panel to the quilt and got to visit the west coast for the first time in my life. I want to thank the Navy Counselors Association for thier friendship and hospitality, and mostly for their continued service to our country.

A very special thank you to the Heart of America Quilt's and America's finest that pulled together for this event, our Advisors:

NCCM(SW) Mike Doyle - Heart of America Quilt Web and Information Advisor

NCCS(SW/AW) Kevin Sullivan - Heart of America Quilt Sponsorship and Fundraising Advisor