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HoAQ Newsletter

"The Heart of America Quilt is dedicated to honor those affected by 9/11- in conjunction with educating children on current events, history and community service for a better world"

August, 2005

Volume 4, Number 4



"Rebuilding America one piece at a time"-KS


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."   -Margaret Mead




We are uniting our country and educating our children on working together to better their country and their world. Our success depends on:

  • Great people like YOU
  • Donations
  • A continued show of unity

Staying in Touch

I hope this Newsletter Finds you all well. Here in Maine, the warmth of our short summer has settled into the bones and the locals yearn for cool coastal winds.

Im proud to tell you that the Heart of America Quilt has finished its first of many Family Activity Books. With hard work and dedication from our Advisor, Directors and a few very special kids, this activity book is complete and awaiting sponsors and advertisers in order to make it public. Its a fun book focused on community service for families with children k-3rd grade. If you would like more information, please contact us.

I am so excited to tell you about the latest addition to the Heart of America Quilt! Just last week I traveled to San Diego California. It was a long trip for this east coast gal. I was graciously hosted by the Navy Counselors Association for a panel signing. Now for those of you that have been with this organization for any amount of time, you all know that I get very moved by the people we meet. The Directors and myself will jump at any chance to speak of the quilt whether it be in a taxi, firehouse or in front of a crowd. Well this trip it was over 800 Sailors stationed all over the world. I knew I would cry during my speech but with all my heart, I hoped I would at least get a portion of my speech out. As I stood on the stage, the light so bright in my eyes that I could only see a few, but in my head, I knew they were all there. I knew that over 800 sailors that defend my freedom were listening to me. No matter our views on war, politics or religion, I know that as I stood there, I stood before the bravest men and women I would ever meet. I spoke, I cried and I thanked them for my freedom. I was humbled beyond words and honored to point of pride no medal or award could ever compare. They signed their panel, told me stories of where they were on 9/11 and who they have lost since then. I know I am not brave enough to be one of them, but I feel blessed to have walked along side them for a few days.

I proudly showed them the scrap book and the few panels I could fit in my luggage. They became a living part of this history we have created.

The work you have done is for the future of our country, our children! Thank you for your hard work and dedication!


For more information about the 2004 NY and NM events, please visit and click the events button!

Heart of America Quilt Incorporated is a national non profit corporation under IRS code 501(c)3

The Directors of the Heart of America Quilt:

Susan Morissette, President

A very special thank you to directors-

Colonel K Steven Collier, US Army Retired

Tamera Selhaver, Survivor, G1 Pentagon

Jean Rosenbluth, Business Manager, Automotive Systems Analysis

None of this would be possible with out our Advisors and all of our wonderful Volunteers.

Donations Please Help!

The Heart of America Quilt is run by an all volunteer body. We need your donations to keep it going. We have created a great form of living history that needs donations for preservation and continuing the gift of unity by means of our education plan. Every donation counts. $1, $5, $25. Please help us preserve all this hard work. Donate Now

donations can be mailed to HoAQ, 7 First St., Winslow Maine 04901

Donations of miles and hotel points can be made by contacting

Please contact us for In Kind Donations. Every little bit helps. A ream of paper, stamps, fabric, office equipment. Please call if you have questions.




Heres a few ways to help unite your community:


  1. Organize a public signing.
  2. Call your local town officials and ask them to sign a panel with your organization.

  4. Have an art contest and let the winner be the designer of your panel.
  5. Invite your neighbors to a gathering and all do a portion of the quilt.
  6. Collect food and clothes for your local shelter while you do a signing.
  7. Take a panel to the mall!
  8. Ask a local event if you can bring a panel and a table.
  9. Take a panel to work!













Heart of America Quilt Incorporated





Were on the Web!

www. HeartofAmericaQuilt. com

Positions Available-We need YOU!

Positions Available-

Advisors- Heart of America Quilt is growing! We need your help with nominations to our board of advisors. Please send nominations to

Representative and volunteers- Washington D.C. area for our 2006 showing. We need a lot and need them now! This is looking to be our largest event to date and we need your help to make sure the Heart of America Quilt is presented to the best of our Nation from the best of our Nation!

Volunteers- the heart of our organization, the very people that make it work! We need volunteers in all states to help organize educational programs and giving holidays.

Fundraisers- We need your help to raise the funds to make it all possible! The Heart of America Quilt is a small organization working to help teach the art of working together. We make Big impressions, but work on a very small budget. We need help raising funds to provide services and continue to spread our reach of the helping hand.


Future Plans

We have been requested in D.C. and New York (2006) for the 5 year Anniversary If you live nearby and would like to help with your contribution of volunteering and donations, please email us.

Special Thank You

Special thank you to our latest addition to the board of Advisors- NCCS(SW/AW) Kevin Sullivan, USN - Heart of America Quilt Sponsorship and Fundraising Advisor


NCCM(SW) Mike Doyle, USN - Heart of America Quilt Web and Information Advisor for his completion of the HoAQ Community Activity Book!

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us. Heart of America Quilt Incorporated 7 First St. Winslow Maine 04901 is our mailing address. At this time there is no public visiting time. For email, please contact and you can always visit our website at

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Over the past three years we have met some of the kindest people in America! As always, unity and sharing with you about them is how we all keep doing the things that make this country so great! Check out these links for friends of the HoAQ:

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