New York City!
September 8-11, 2004
Special thanks to the Intrepid Museum for their gracious hosting.

Letter from Vice President of the United States of America

Letter from Former Mayor of New York City

Both files are in MS Word format

New York City on 9/11 was a huge task to say the least. Volunteers traveled from all corners of the world to be a part of. Not a huge service in size but in American Spirit it was beyond words. I know I was changed forever, as was the quilt and I believe everyone that took part. I can reflect now that it is behind and say what an amazing task everyone pulled off. The directors and volunteers worked harder than any paid employees I could have ever imagine.  I'm proud to know each of them as volunteers and on a personal level, very special people.

Children and parents from Robert Frost Middle School came to the event so that our future would be represented with the singing of God Bless America. Those children sang a tear jerking performance led by Ms Lee and performed with our very own Shari.  It was beyond words what this moment did for the quilt and America. I still get goose bumps! A very special young lady with an angelic voice sang for her country during this event as well. Thank you Emily for sharing your gift of voice for NY city!

Selfish Steam, what an amazing group! Not only did they move the event with their music, but they supported the quilt with more technical advantages then we could have ever imagined. Please check out their site when you get a chance. Tell them we sent you and we are big fans of their music and their message!
So imagine, here I am at an event on 9/11 in New York City. The day before the event, I see a fireman looking at the quilt. I walk over and begin to tell him about the quilt. Then he motions for other firemen to come. They all stand and smile. Then when I am done telling them, I invite them back for the service on the following day. Their reply? "No Speak English" I'm sure many people that have worked with me over the past 3 years years thought to themselves how fortunate these firemen are. But we were able to communicate with the help of an English speaking wife and the Director of Protocol at the Intrepid. We also found out that our Firemen where from Belgium and have motorcycled in memory for those lost on 9/11. Their site is Tell them I sent you and remember they speak French!
Daniel Lemaster stole the stage with his accapella version of " Oh Danny Boy". As a performer to be able to sing with no accompaniment is impressive enough, and then to do it again upon my request for the Belgium firemen was even more.  His voice is that of an trained professional, his heart that of yet another of the quilts angles. Daniel added his own words for a special tribute to our soldiers. We are all proud to have him as a part of the quilt.
Here is where I get to brag. Molly Fitzpatrick is a special part of the quilt and my heart. She sang for us at our first event in Waterville Maine and traveled to NY with her family for this event. She has a voice that lingers in your soul and praises our country. Molly on top of that is a graduate of "the Mount". The school here in Maine that was the beginning of the quilt and where my children proudly go to school.
Keff is one of the funniest men you will ever meet, a former Navy Hospital Corpsman and very special to my heart. Keff was just a perfect fit for the role of Emcee of the quilt, but he went beyond. He did his role and that of many others. He was inspiring to work with and just when we thought it was getting to be a bit stressful in the big apple, he lightened the mood and spirit of the work we had ahead of us. An inspiration to all who are faced with challenges and choose to succeed. To meet our "Keffers" visit his site at

Every morning while in NY Maryellen would call me and tell me I was late in a sweet way, Mike, a former soldier from Alaska, would follow me to make sure all needs where met, Janet from Australia worked to no end, Joanne became a part of the magic when she arrived, Shari the best assistant I could imagine, all of them a little piece of the world coming together for the quilt. Each of them proudly displaying your panels, performing for America, shining as individuals. On behalf of myself and the Directors of the quilt, I can say without hesitation, the Heart of America Quilt has the BEST volunteers in the WORLD!
While we were unable to get Col. Steve to the event due to prior commitments, Tamera and Jean along with their devoted families, came to New York, saw New York, united New York and shared some of the healing that the quilt was started for. These two ladies are the finest you will ever meet. What an honor filled with the greatest of pride it is for me to have been in New York with them on this day to remember those who fell on that dreadful day. If we are truly mirrors of those in our life, then I am pure gold with wings. Thank you Jean and Tamera for your endless support, your wise guidance and your undying love for America, the Heart of America Quilt and your love for me.

God Bless you all and God Bless America!~ Susan
Thanks to our advisors that pulled together for this event.

Don L. Rondeau - Heart of America Quilt National Chief Security Advisor

Mark Archer - Delpadre Productions, Heart of America Quilt Technical Advisor

Bill Rosenbluth - Heart of America Quilt official photographer

Pete Ramos - Heart of America Quilt Videographer.