Dedication of the Pentagon Memorial -- September 11, 2007
Below is Susan’s description of that morning.

I was blessed to ride with Ft. Myers Fire Department to the Pentagon. I sat between Alan Wallace and another firefighter named Denis Young, both were at the Pentagon when the plane struck, only feet from the impact site. It was very humbling to say the least.

As I sat there with music playing and realizing who I was in the presence of, I stopped listening and began thanking. I thanked God for this day, all the people that lived, all the support angels that helped and I thanked him for helping me to be there. I tried so hard to be strong for the two firefighters I sat between and the countless others that were in attendance.

As I looked to the sky for courage and to choke back my tears, I noticed that there was a circle of clouds around the seating area however directly above us there was clear skies. It was like mother nature called for clouds but God needed to peek through and watch over us at the Pentagon. Every once in a while a small flock of birds would fly into the sky from some where in the distance. It was comforting to watch them take perfect flight. Also above the crowed was a constant buzz. Two dragon flies danced in the air through the whole service. They would buzz by and then fly away only to return a few moments later and fly so low that people would duck slightly. They looked to be playing in a grand way among the many hundreds of people. It was hard not to smile at the great creations.

When the dedication ended the Firefighters headed back to Ft Myers and Alan and I stayed behind to walk through the memorial. I took him to meet my dear friend Vince (another of the supporting angels) who was located closer to the stage. After speaking with Vince, we headed closer to the memorial. As I got closer to the memorial, I turned to look back at the bleachers and the vast seating that lay behind me. As I did, I heard Alan’s voice say “Cruz”. I turned to see a man I had been searching for, for a few months. Mr. Cruz was in a photo our Advisor Mark took on 9/11. It was a pleasure to meet him in person and to be able to meet his family. I met many wonderful people and watched as Alan even met woman who attributes her survival to him. I watched as she hugged him and her husband hugged him. While a heavy cloud hung in all our hearts, the efforts of all who made the Pentagon Memorial come to fruition made this a day in American history that will last for many generations. In the path taken by terrorist in attacking the Pentagon, there is now a most amazing memorial that insures we will never forget.